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Hurricane Coverage

In Florida and especially in Miami, we have hurricanes nearly every year. And with climate change happening we are experiencing nearly double the hurricanes we encounter. Hurricane insurance is now more important than ever. Hurricane Insurance covers your home in the event of damage caused a hurricane or tropical cyclone. Damage will usually consist of physical damage to the home caused by wind,rain and projectiles. One aspect of hurricane insurance is the hurricane deductible portion which the insured is responsible for usually the hurricane deductible can be set between $500 and up to 10% of the dwelling value. Hurricane impact windows can also protect you and lower your monthly hurricane insurance bill. If you have a mortgage you may not carry higher than 5% hurricane deductible but you will have to confirm with your mortgage provider. Home Owners Insurance will cover you in the event of a hurricane or named storm, you have to confirm with you insurance agent if hurricane insurance is a named peril or not.

House with Damage caused by hurricane, covered with hurricane insurance


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